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ريتش هولي لاند : قائمة ماكينات الحجر


ماكينات الحجر
قائمة ماكينات الحجر

للمزيد من المعلومات عن ماكنات الحجر, الرجاء زيارة:


  • Pilot Pilot - Pilot



The ovens Model PILOT represent the most classic typology of ovens for slabs, employed both for the drying of slabs and the catalysis of resin. The lifting system, commonly called lift, receives the slab from the conveyor which precedes the oven, lifts it up to the empty compartment and pushes it inside, leaving the slab to rest for curing.

  • RIVER 800 - RIVER 1000 RIVER 800 - RIVER 1000 - RIVER 800 - RIVER 1000

RIVER 800 - RIVER 1000


The RIVER 800 and the RIVER 1000 stand out primarily for the maximum applicable diameter of the disc, measuring 800 and 1000 mm respectively, that enable the execution of cuts with thickness up to 260 or 360 mm respectively.

  • LM 2100 RX LM 2100 RX - LM 2100 RX

LM 2100 RX


Polishing machine for marble slabs, available with 4 to 16 heads, equipped as a standard with 7.5 kW motor for each spindle (up to 9 kW on request) and with working pressure control fitted on each polishing head. The control panel has a wide display to ensure complete control of the machine.

  • Restoring plants for marble and granite Restoring plants for marble and granite - Restoring plants for marble and granite

Restoring plants for marble and granite


The need to exploit stone products which were once considered waste material and the ever growing difficulty to find material without any imperfections, have made stone workshops all over world look for technological solutions which would allow to “reconstruct” or improve the resistance and the aspect of the material. Since 1987 SIMEC has been realizing marble and granite restoring plants both for slabs and for strips and/or tiles.

  • 1 INT/0 1 INT/0 - 1 INT/0

1 INT/0


The 1 INT/0 boasts the quality of solidity, precision and cutting capacity of SIMEC's products but its characteristic is the non-automatic running of work. With the 1 INT/O the operator manually and easily selects the cutting dimension to be done with the help of different stop bars and starts the run of the motorized spindle.

  • NT2 2M - NT2 2SUPER - NT2 10MG NT2 2M - NT2 2SUPER - NT2 10MG - NT2 2M - NT2 2SUPER - NT2 10MG

NT2 2M - NT2 2SUPER - NT2 10MG


Fast and reliable two-column block cutters, suitable for any stone workshop. NT2 2SUPER is structurally more sturdy than the plain model NT2 2M. The power installed on both spindles is also higher. The NT2 10MG machine can be equipped with 10 discs and work both marble and granite.





Is a fixed machine which performs the cutting of marble and granite blocks by means of a diamond wire. The wire is installed on a structure at a variable dimension, whilst the block, loaded on a trolley, is at a fixed dimension. All the family of the SIMECWIRE/01 products features first quality-technical solutions, guaranteeing high reliability and accuracy in time.




The SFERA marble gangsaws have rectilinear movement and long travel for fast block sawing. SFERA is available in 70, 80 and 100 blade versions and travel of 600, 800 and 1000 mm. The blade holder is fixed-position type and driver by double connecting rod. The block trolley is mounted on a platform and moves up to the blades.

ريتش هولي لاند  : قائمة ماكينات الحجر

البلاط بكافة انواعه واشكاله، انواع الرخام المختلفة، الجرانيت، رخام المطابخ والحمامات والارضيات الحديثة والقوالب والكثير من الحجر المستخدم للديكور الخارجي والداخلي.

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